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Dec 4, 2013 1:30pm PST
no willpower obama has been so fun to me on will inhale as i decide to keep an eye dislikes and then work work abbas and the connecticut nineteen and the sinai. it's unreal to bring you comfort drink watching what you are playing your strength. i miss being very honest with you all there was a moment in my life were talking about when he's in his twenties i was extremely on the eye which can affect disorder and you know he and i happily chewing on it. so i am not afraid to talk about it or say it but you know anything about it not but the funny thing as life has progressed. i'm all the stress from all the rest i don't see my piece here sometimes go to sometimes they get the shot die. i'm hungry i might bleed into each like i mean things like that it cannot be together always. the buyer about that is to wait until i don't think our calories i eat i feel like maybe eighteen tasty things that you know chinese oregano and tight with something that the taste buds have to be right. i don't like a big old house to pick something up with just you know give me i am stressed definitely bring a bike rout
Dec 9, 2013 5:30am PST
it to the teeth coming through the list keeps on growing and kids and getting updates throughout the day setting that up to seventy from the deacon it is coming from or go to the wolves the united states. president barack obama coming to pick his wife michelle obama has been forbidden to content will be coming to former president bush as well as the performing and is considered to be content. i'm the best defense minded to have for you as president when i get the thing. less people coming to see if it is still to fill space to do so could then make an end to have that stability is coming through the rest of africa lots of corporations taking teeth and getting that big memorial service on the grounds tomorrow. and of course from the winds stay at home to nelson mandela will of the league's state of the union buildings from wednesday until friday and dad doing be it in the morning and often it will be towed into distinctive for its really the eight unit the size of government wants to give. after six months to see him in ghana. last time was it cctv american state to monty into thinking the size o
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2